Travel Planning Dashboard Notion Template

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Travel Planning Dashboard: The Ultimate Travel Companion

Ready to make the most of your travels? The Travel Planning Dashboard will revolutionize the way you plan, organize, and enjoy your trips.

This all-in-one Notion template has everything you need to plan and manage travel - from itinerary planning to packing lists. It’s a comprehensive travel management system to organize everything travel related in one place.

Why This Template?

  • It comes loaded with 200+ Countries and Territories (with flags), 50 US States (with photos), 60+ US National Parks (with photos).
  • Track Lifetime and Yearly Travel Stats of trips taken and the countries, cities, states, and national parks traveled to.
  • It has 3 comprehensive Trip Planning Templates to plan single-city, multi-city, or camping trips with even more features inside.
  • The master Travel Journal keeps all your travel memories and journal entries in one place.

What’s Included?

Travel Planning Dashboard

  • All Trips - see all trips in one place
  • Lifetime & Yearly Travel Stats - see a summary of your travels
  • Visited & Wish Lists - create your own bucket list and check things off one by one
  • 200+ Countries & Territories
  • 50 US States (+ Washington DC)
  • 60+ US National Parks
  • Cities - build your own database of cities around the world
  • Attractions - keep a list of specific places and things you want to do
  • Master Travel Journal - store memories from all of your travels in one place
  • Master Research Hub - store links for places and trips in one place

Trip Planner Templates

  • Itinerary - build your trip day by day
  • Transportation - store transportation details (flights, trains, etc.)
  • Accommodations - store accommodation info (hotels, vacation rental, etc.)
  • Attractions - save activities, museums, restaurants, parks, etc.
  • Travel Expenses - keep track of all expenses related to your trip
  • Tasks List - stay organized and assign responsibilities
  • Packing Lists - pre-filled with all the essentials (camping list, too!)
  • Outfit Planner - plan outfits for special occasions on your trip
  • Pre-Travel Checklists - pre-filled with tasks to do before leaving
  • Travel Journal - write your thoughts or upload photos from your trip
  • Research Hub - store misc trip info with Trip Notes and Research Links
  • Travel Group - save and share companion info with family


  • Quick Action Shortcuts
  • Mobile-Friendly (though best on a computer, this template is mobile-friendly)
  • Embed with Google Maps
  • Intuitive Design
  • Fully Customizable
  • Lifetime Access + Upgrades

How It Works:

  • Purchase the template.
  • Instantly receive the template link.
  • Duplicate the template and customize!
  • There are detailed instructions throughout the template.

Things You Need:

  • A free Notion account (affiliate link).
  • Device to use Notion (computer preferred).
  • Basic understanding of Notion.

This template is for personal use only. It cannot be sold or reproduced. Sharing your download link is prohibited.

Questions? Suggestions? Need help or a custom template? Email me!

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Travel Planning Dashboard Notion Template

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Travel Planning Dashboard Notion Template

2 ratings
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